【AKITA JAPAN】Enjoy exquisite gourmet food and hot springs on a trip to Akita Prefecture! Sightseeing Spot Travel Guide

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Akita Prefecture, with its rich nature, soothing hot springs, and delicious local cuisine, promises an experience that will surpass your vacation dreams.

This article is designed for those visiting Akita for the first time, introducing the unforgettable allure of Akita that will have you yearning to return.

We’ll explore the southern area of Akita Prefecture, tasting sublime gourmet foods, relaxing in healing hot springs, and visiting breathtaking tourist spots that offer a deep dive into Akita’s rich culture and history, all while experiencing the warm hospitality of the locals.

You’ll also find tips on traveling to Akita, recommended routes, and things to be mindful of, so take note for a journey of a lifetime.

By the end of this guide, there’s no doubt that your trip to Akita will become an unforgettable memory.

Now, let’s embark on a journey to discover the charms of Akita that you’ve yet to uncover.


Akita’s Must-Try Delicacies: Top 3 Exquisite Gourmet Recommendations

Akita’s Signature Dish:「 Kiritanpo Nabe


A visit to Akita wouldn’t be complete without savoring its signature dish, “Kiritanpo.”

Kiritanpo Nabe is Akita’s pride, a heartwarming hot pot dish that combines fresh Hinai chicken, locally grown vegetables, and kiritanpo made from Akita Komachi rice, offering a taste of Akita’s culinary excellence in every bite.

The golden soup, rich with the essence of Hinai chicken, is a masterpiece of depth and flavor, unforgettable once tasted.

The soup-soaked kiritanpo, with its perfect chewiness, complements the vegetables beautifully, creating a harmony of flavors that’s simply irresistible.

When in Akita, indulging in the iconic “Kiritanpo” is a must.

Let this be the highlight of your culinary adventure in Akita.

Akita’s Tradition! One of Japan’s Three Great Udon: 「Inaniwa Udon


「Inaniwa Udon」, one of Japan’s three great udon noodles, hails from Inaniwa town in Yuzawa city, Akita Prefecture.

Crafted using a method passed down through generations at the “Sato yosuke Shoten” general store, these noodles are made by hand-stretching, resulting in a smooth texture and a refreshingly clean swallow.

Inaniwa Udon, which can be enjoyed cold or warm, stands as a quintessential representation of Akita’s noodle cuisine.

Even the most discerning udon aficionados will be impressed by its silky smoothness and sublime swallow – a noodle experience you won’t forget!

Available throughout all seasons, Inaniwa Udon is a must-try when visiting Akita, offering a taste of the region’s pride.

Akita’s Pride: One of Japan’s Three Great Chicken Breeds, 「Hinai Chicken


The「 Hinai Chicken」, one of Japan’s three great chicken breeds, is a highly prized breed raised in the northern part of Akita, in the Hinai region.

Although it’s used in the broth for the previously mentioned Kiritanpo, the recommended way to enjoy the meat itself is through “Yakitori” and “Oyakodon.”

Yakitori made from Hinai Chicken, grilled over charcoal, is juicy with a flavorful fat and a satisfying texture.

The richness fills your mouth, offering a yakitori experience unlike any other.

Furthermore, an Oyakodon made luxuriously with Hinai Chicken eggs, combines the explosive flavor of the meat with the creamy, rich taste of the eggs, leaving you speechless.

One taste and you’ll understand why it’s selected as one of Japan’s three great chicken breeds.

Akita’s Famous Hot Springs: 「Three Breathtaking Onsen Selections

Japan’s Number One Hot Spring:「 Nyuto Onsen “Tsurunoyu”


Located on Mt. Nyuto in Tazawako, Senboku city, within the Towada-Hachimantai National Park, Nyuto Onsen Village’s “Tsurunoyu” is especially renowned in Akita.

Selected as Japan’s number one secret hot spring, it became instantly famous.

The outdoor baths, surrounded by nature and filled with milky, slightly bluish water, allow you to enjoy the scenery of the changing seasons, providing a healing experience for both body and mind.

With hot springs bubbling up from between the pebbles at the bottom, you can enjoy the natural beauty ingredients at their source.

This deep historical hot spring is a must-visit at least once!

“Nyuto Onsen Village Tsurunoyu Onsen”: 50 Tazawako Tazawa, Senboku City, Akita Prefecture

TEL: 0187-46-2139

Day Trip Bathing: Adults: 700 yen, Children: 300 yen

For those staying overnight, meals can be enjoyed around an irori (sunken hearth), offering an extraordinary experience that’s highly recommended.

You can also enjoy it with Akita’s local sake.


Honjin Rooms 1 to 5


Shin-Honjin & Higashi-Honjin Rooms


Rooms in Building 1


Rooms in Buildings 2 and 3

Guest Rooms
Accommodation fee (for 2 persons)
  • Rooms in Building 1
  • Rooms in Building 2
  • Honjin Rooms
  • Shin-Honjin & Higashi-Honjin Rooms
  • 16.980yen
  • 10.600yen
  • 14.450yen
  • 16.650~23.250yen

◆Nyuto Onsenkyo Secret hot spring Tsurunoyu Onsen◆Here is the link to the homepage.

Additionally, Nyuto Onsen Village includes Tsurunoyu among its 「eight hot springs」.

  • 「Tsurunoyu」
  • 「Ookama」
  • 「Myounoyu」
  • 「Kaniba」
  • 「Magoroku」
  • 「Kuroyu」
  • 「Ipponmatu」

Recommended Route to Nyuto Onsen Village

Here is a map of Nyuto Onsen Village.

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